Executive Director

Position Details
Opening Date: 
Sun, 07/01/2018
Closing Date: 
Sat, 09/01/2018
Position Summary: 
The Executive Director is the chief officer of the organization and is responsible for conducting its operations in an efficient and effective manner, in accordance with procedures set by the Board of Directors. Responsible for providing leadership to the organization’s harm reduction focused, peer-based public health programming efforts serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Responsible for providing program oversight, personnel management, administration, program development and evaluation, social issues platform development and leadership to fundraising efforts. Represents the organization on local, state, and national levels and develops and administers policies and procedures for the organization. The Executive Director oversees an annual budget and a staff of nine employees who provide education, outreach, prevention, and care services to 5,000 Philadelphians annually. galaei is a program partner of the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC), and the Executive Director serves as the principle point person to the Coalition.
Reports To: 
Board of Directors
Key Duties & Responsibilities: 
Financial Management:●      Leads the organization in a fiscally responsible manner within the Board approved operating budget;●      Oversees the creation and maintenance of financial management and reporting systems, including fundraising, necessary to the efficient operation of the organization;●      Prepares for Board approval, annual operating budget and ongoing budget reports;●      Assesses financial and administrative systems and identifies areas for improvement recommendations for action;●      Works to ensure that organization operates within budget and prepares accurate and timely financial reports in accordance with reporting needs, including budget-to-actual income and expenses;●      Provides for cash flow management, projections and regular financial monitoring with the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors;●      Assures prompt payment of all bills, including payroll taxes and works with UAC to ensure for timely submission of invoices to governmental agencies;●      Prepares year end reports to governmental agencies, private funders, and Board of Directors.Development:●      Responsible for carrying out all fundraising efforts of the agency; ●      Serves as the principle fundraising staff and is responsible for maintaining and growing annual operating budget of nearly $600,000.00;●      Sets realistic income goals with the Board of Directors;●      Works with the Board and staff to monitor progress toward goals and suggests mid-course changes, as necessary;●      Prepares regular status reports on development activities for presentation to the Board on a monthly basis;●      Oversees grants management efforts - research, submission, acknowledgement, tracking, and reporting;●      Assures timely and accurate database management of donors and prospects, and supervises gift acknowledgement system;●      Manages Board and staff-led fundraising and development efforts.Program and Operations:●      Provides direct supervision to all program staff members of the organization;●      Supervises and approves the production of all budgeted and approved programs, ensuring that program goals and objectives are met;●      Oversees the implementation of program planning and evaluation efforts, in cooperation with Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers;●      Supervises the management of logistical and technical requirements of all galaei program activities;●      Negotiates and  executes  all  contracts  relating  to  programs,  including  personnel,  reporting,  evaluation,  venues,  equipment, transportation, etc.;●      Responsible for the overall-day to day operations of the organization, financial, managerial, and administrative matters pertaining to programs and operations;●      Ensures that programs operate from harm reduction and peer-based, public health perspectives;●      Identifies areas for new program development, including points for collaboration and partnership efforts with other organization.Personnel Management:●      Assures efficient staff support and accountability for the organization by means of clearly stated job expectations, performance evaluations, delegation of tasksand identifies appropriate channels for communication;●      Responsible for the overall selection of all personnel and professional staff and has final authority on initial hires and terminations, as necessary;●      Recommends appropriate salary ranges for staff, changes to staff structure to improve efficiency, and specific merit and/or cost of living raises as appropriate for approval by the Board of Directors;●      Responsible for administering the approved personnel policies and, as necessary, recommend changes to the Board of Directors.Community or Public Relations:●      Identifies and implements strategies to educate the public about issues relating to the work of the organization;●      Supervises the production, distribution, and evaluation of promotional and programming materials;●      Works with the Board President on all matters affecting policy and releases statements representing the established principles, views, and/or policies of the organization;●      Responsible for representing the organization in public settings - presenting achievements and for delivering organizational point of view and/or position statements;●      Responsible for establishing and maintaining relations with public and private entities, agencies, or organizations working in Latinx health, HIV/AIDS, and LGBTQ health.Board Liaison:●      Serves as staff to the Board and assists their work in all necessary functions;●      Informs the Board of programmatic operations;●      Attends Board meetings and presents a written report of programmatic and financial activities;●      Assesses organizational needs and issues and brings to the attention of the Board. Makes recommendations on these needs and issues, as appropriate;●      Responds to Board requests for information;●      Plans organizational retreats and planning sessions to evaluate program activities, along with the Board President;●      Communicates information from the Board of Directors to the staff level;●      Other duties as assigned.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
Education and Experience:●      Degree in social sciences, public health, education, or related field preferred, combined with non-profit management experience. Degree in related fields will be considered;●      Demonstrated experience leading high-profile, community-based social and health service efforts;●      Demonstrated experience in major grants writing, fundraising, and the development of funding sources;●      Demonstrated experience working in public health, HIV/AIDS, gay men’s health, transgender health, other sexual minorities and issues related to people of color, especially within the Latin@ community.Skills and Knowledge:●      Must be able to speak, comprehend, and write Spanish and English with sufficient accuracy to participate effectively in most formal and informal, practical, social, professional, and cultural communicative situations.;●      Must have knowledge of Latinx community issues in Philadelphia or comparable urban locations;●      Must possess an awareness of community needs and competence with regard to the core services of the organization;●      Must have knowledge of transgender community issues in Philadelphia or comparable urban locations; ●      Must possess an awareness of community needs and competence working with transgender communities;●      Must possess a high level of organization, including the ability to work under pressure with drive, creativity, and self-motivation;●      Must have admirable leadership capabilities, preferably gained from serving in public service or non-profit organizations, and should have direct service experience;●      Must be able to work with the public and maintain relations with similar groups or agencies;●      Must have extensive knowledge of community relations and inter-group relations;●      Must be skilled at using computers for research, writing outlines, preparing visual aids, data reporting, and record management;●      Must be sensitive, friendly, and possess “people skills” to work with clients including those who are substance abusers, low-income individuals, and immigrants/refugees;Must have experience working with volunteers.
Contact Info
Contact Info: 
Qualified candidates should submit a resume, cover letter and a writing sample to: Executive Director Search Committee, galaei.board@gmail.com The Search Committee is accepting electronic submissions only and submissions must be received by June 15, 2018.