Youth Development

Pathways to success

Since 1969, access to safe havens, education, and jobs for youth has been a driving force of the Urban Affairs Coalition.

  • Violence prevention programs have made it possible for children to learn that they can have productive, joyful lives.
  • Access to school choice has made it possible for parents and communities to have a say in how their children are educated.
  • And work-readiness and job placement programs have meant that children and young adults who begin life at the bottom of the economic ladder get the chance to climb higher.

The Youth Division of the Urban Affairs Coalition continues the proud tradition of serving our future by providing ongoing support to GPUAC's youth-serving program partners.  Its goals are to help improve program quality and impact, offer resources and information on best practices, and provide opportunities for program partners to collaborate to leverage funding.

Youth Division Priorities

  • Advocating for and promoting school choice
  • Charter school advocacy
  • Providing access to non-traditional pathways to high school graduation and career success to include access to building trades and apprenticeship programs
  • Increasing parental engagement and empowerment
  • Increasing community engagement and empowerment
  • Advocating for prevention funds specifically for violence prevention programs
  • Ensuring the visibility, sustainability and continued fundability of the out-of-school time, youth-serving grassroots provider community

Youth Partners

The Youth Division brings together the many program partners within the Coalition that focus on the success of our children and provides them with ongoing support to develop new programs and improve quality.

Programs currently participating in specialized capacity-building and performance evaluation activities in the Youth Division include:

  • PhillyReads
  • Summer Youth Employment Program
  • Blueprint to End Homelessness
  • Black Alliance for Educational Options
  • Workstream
  • Arise Charter School
  • Youth Workforce Development Program/ Work Ready

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