Summer WorkReady: Student Information

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2020 Program Timeline 


 UAC WorkReady Application Opens

February - April

 Application and enrollment                                                  

May - June


July 6

 Program begins (program runs for 6 weeks)

August 14

 Program ends

Please note this program is competitive. Completing an application does not guarantee acceptance. 

How to Apply


1.      The first step is to apply online. Please click here to access the online application. Use one of the following the referral codes: S125 for Work Experience, P97 for Internships, or S117 for Service Learning. 

2.      Complete Enrollment paperwork by coming to the UAC WorkReady office during our office hours. Please click here for more information about how to prepare for enrollment. You should also receive an email with this information. Please note that due to state legislation, youth participating in the program may be required to complete a background check screening. There will be no cost for the background check and youth will receive instructions to complete the process during enrollment.

3.      After your enrollment is completed, you will receive an email if you are approved to work and your worksite assignment.  

4.      You will be notified via email with information regarding your orientation date, time, and location. 


Positions may be assigned to applicants on a random basis and completion of the application or enrollment process does not guarantee program acceptance. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Who is eligible for WorkReady Summer programs?   

In order to participate in the WorkReady Summer program, you must be a Philadelphia resident between the ages of 14 and 18 and eligible to work in the U.S. Additional eligibility requirements may be enforced by different program models. 


Do I have to re-apply if I worked for WorkReady last year (2019)?   


Yes, you are required to submit a new application every year.  If you want to work for the same worksite you worked for in 2019, we suggest you contact that worksite so they can request you to work with them for summer 2020.  We will make every effort to fulfill requests but there are no guarantees. 

Once I fill out my online application, what happens next?  

Check here to see what documents you will need to locate, obtain or prepare, as well as a few attachments that you and your parent or legal guardian will need to print out, sign, and bring to the enrollment session to complete your application. We highly advise that you schedule your enrollment session prior to your visit to reduce wait time. Walk-ins are welcome during office hours, however, you may be subjected to longer waiting periods.  Should you need to pick up forms or need additional information, please feel free to visit our office located on 1211 Chestnut Street, 9th floor during the following hours or call us at 215-851-1800: 


Monday to Friday ( 10:00 am to 6:00 pm) 

Saturday ( 10:00 am to 2:00 pm)


I have completed my online application and enrollment packet; does this mean I will be placed in a program?  

First, your application must be complete and approved by PYN. We’ll make every effort to find opportunities for as many young people as possible. Due to the overwhelming demand for summer employment, placement in a program cannot be guaranteed. You will receive confirmation, once you have been approved and placed at a worksite. 


I have a work permit from last summer; do I need to get a new one?  

If you have your work permit (the blue card) from last summer, it is still valid and will be valid until you turn 18. If you’ve lost your blue work permit card, you will need to get a new one. You may visit this link ( for locations and times to get work permits. 


When does the WorkReady Summer programs start and end? 

The program begins on Monday, July 6th, 2020 and will run for six weeks until Friday, August 14th, 2020.

I would like to know about the different positions available for youth?  

There are many different positions for youth interns. Placements largely depend on interests, work experience, where youth live and what work-sites are located in that area. The range of businesses and community organizations who host youth interns vary from large companies, to barbershops and salons, to law offices and doctor's offices, to schools and colleges. 


Can you apply for both work experience and the internship, assuming a choice would have to be made between the two? 

When completing the online application, in the “Who am I” section, you will be prompted to enter your “Referral Code.”  You can only enter one code. This referral code is how you and your application are identified with UAC. See below for which UAC referral code to use: 

Referral code S125 - Work Experience Program 

·     Ages 14 - 18 and must reside in the City of Philadelphia 

·   No prior experience required 

Referral code P97 - Internship Program 

·     Ages 16 - 18 and must reside in the City of Philadelphia 

·   Some prior job experience; resume and interviews may be required 

Referral code S117 – Service Learning 

·    Ages 14-18 and must reside in the City of Philadelphia 

·   No prior experience needed; Requires participants to engage in civic and service-based projects

How long will the enrollment process take?  

Enrolling in the program is a multi-step process. Here's a breakdown of what to expect:  


1. February - April → Complete the online application.

You will first need to complete an online application using one of the Referral Codes: S125 (Work Experience), S117 (Service Learning) or P97 (Internship Experience) when prompted. Make sure to enter an email address that is accessible throughout the summer and remember your password. 


2. March - April → Schedule an appointment for an in-person enrollment: 

Enrollment appointments may be scheduled via phone or online at Walk-ins are welcome but you may be subjected to longer wait times.  The list of important documents to prepare will be shared with you immediately upon submission of your online application or  may also click the following link to see which documents are needed prior to your enrollment appointment. 


3. May - June → Obtain placements and attend orientations. 

All youth workers who have been approved to work and received confirmation of placements will be invited to attend an orientation session. The orientation provides an overview of the program and review of expectations.

5. July - August → Program runs. 

From July 6th through August 14th, youth will report to their placement worksites. Youth work schedules will vary and will depend on the needs and requirements of worksite supervisors. Youth workers and supervisors are expected to negotiate a mutually agreeable schedule for completing the 120 hours of paid work.

6. August → UAC WorkReady program close. 

The UAC WorkReady program will end on August 14th. Youth may not continue working past the end of the WorkReady program. An end-of-summer celebration will take place in mid-August.

Can we choose a specific job location or section of the city?  

Typically, WorkReady youth do not choose their worksite. Staff considers numerous factors when matching and placing youth at worksites, including youth interests, work experience, and worksite proximity to home. 

If you know what kind of work you want to do over the summer, let us know! Even better, if there is a place you know of and/or have a working relationship with (say, you're already volunteering in a position with a business or nonprofit), please reach out to them and have them contact us! You could continue your position at that business and get paid through the WorkReady program.

What is the Pay Rate? How many hours will I work?  

The Program allows each participant to work up to 120 hours over a 6-week period. The pay rate for each model is as follows: 

Service Learning (S117): $8.25 per hour 

Work Experience (S125): $8.25 per hour 

Internship Experience (P97): $9.00 per hour. 


A youth participant’s schedule for working hours is assigned by the worksite and negotiated between the worksite and the intern. Please note, each model has specific eligibility requirements for youth to participate under the selected model. Please visit our website to review each model’s eligibility requirements and select a model that is a best fit for your personal needs.

When and how are work schedules determined?  

The program lasts for 6-weeks: Monday, July 6th — Friday, August 14th. The current program does not operate in June or late August. Youth interns who are selected and placed in a summer job are expected to complete their 120 hours of paid work within the 6-week program timeline. 

We defer to the worksite supervisors to help create schedules for their youth workers. Typically, our summer youth interns work 4-hour shifts each day between 9AM and 5PM. However, it is important to acknowledge that some worksites may expect longer work days and others may expect earlier start times. Daily and weekly shifts are therefore determined between the worksite and youth at the start of the program. Ultimately, we want each youth intern to reach the maximum 120 work hours over the 6-week program. 


How can I get a copy of my son or daughters W-2 from a previous year?  

Please contact the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) WorkReady Hotline regarding W-2s and other tax questions. They can be reached at the following phone number: 267-502-3742.

My son/daughter will be 14 on July 1, 2020; can he/she apply for work ready?  

The program requires each youth intern to be 14 years of age at the start of the program and/or before the close of enrollment. You would need to provide us with a working permit before the end of our enrollment period on April 30th. 


If you are interested in learning more about paid summer opportunities for middle-school aged children, please reach out to our program partner, YOACAP, for more information at 215-851-1968. 

Do I need to keep my work permit on me at all times?  

No, you do not need to carry your work permit with you at all times. The work permit is required as certification during the in-person enrollment session. All applicants will need to have an up-to-date work permit and present this at the time they come into an enrollment session to fill out all required documents. Once you are approved, it is suggested that you keep the work permit at home or in a safe place. 

My child successfully submitted the online WorkReady application, but we didn't initially use a UAC referral code.  How do we edit or add referral codes?  

Please log back into the online application. Use the headers at the top of the page to go to the first section of the application (“About Me”) and enter the referral code S125, S117 or P97. Click "continue" until you see the summary page listing the referral code. This will successfully change the applicants’ code so that our staff can review the application and guide the youth through the next process. 

Can I come in person to fill out applications? Also when can I start filling out enrollment paperwork?  

The first step of the process will be to complete the online at You can use a computer or your phone to sign up. If you do not have access to a computer, you are more than welcome to come to our office if you would like assistance filling out the application. 

Please make sure to frequently check the email used when signing up for the WorkReady program. Information regarding enrollment sessions will be sent to the email listed on your WorkReady application. The UAC enrollment process will begin on March 16th.

If a youth applicant’s background check came back with one record found will this prevent him/her from summer employment?  

While we can't guarantee any applicant a summer position, records found on a youth background check does not necessarily exclude a participant from summer employment. The Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), who manages the city-wide WorkReady program, will intake all clearances and indicate if records found preclude the applicant to work at childcare work-sites. If this is the case, the applicant will be added to a waitlist to be placed at a work-site that does not involve childcare. PYN will take all records found on a case by case basis; in very rare instances will found records cause outright exclusion from participating in the summer program. 

Do I need to meet income guidelines?  

"To qualify, you must be a Philadelphia resident, within the age limits listed above, eligible to work in the U.S. and the annual income of your household cannot exceed the amounts listed below based on 2019 data:  

Household Size - Annual Income Limit
1 -  $25,592 

2 -  $34,569 

3 -  $43,546 

4 -  $52,523 

5 -  $61,500 

6 -  $70,477 

7 -  $79,454 

8 -  $88,431 

9 -  $95,951 

10 - $104,928 


For families with more than 10 people, add "$8,789 for each additional person."


Those households who qualify for TANF are typically eligible. Also, youth between the ages 18 and 21 may qualify under certain circumstances.

I'd like to know if applicants are chosen based on their income. 

Income level is recorded on the online application, the initial step in the process for signing up for the program. Applicants who fall within the income range will be able to continue through the application process. Those applicants who fall outside of the income range will be self-selected out, based on program qualifications.