Summer WorkReady: Employers

Need Help this Summer?

Hire youth for Summer 2020!

Do you remember your first job? This summer the Urban Affairs Coalition is offering paid summer job opportunities and support to youth ages 14-18 through the WorkReady program. We need YOU to host interns this summer! Give youth an opportunity to work, promoting early work experience and career development. The program will run for six weeks from July 4th through August 14th and youth typically work 20 hours per week.

If interested in hosting a youth this summer, please contact our office at 215-851-1800 or email

FREE for nonprofits and small business

There is NO cost for nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and companies with less than 50 employees.

Just $2,000 for larger companies

For companies with over 50 employees, we ask the employer to make an investment in our city's youth by contributing $2,000 per intern.

Why should I hire a youth?

  • Provide a young person with early work experience and an introduction to your career field!
  • Gain extra help this summer to complete a special project or get caught up on paperwork!
  • Feel good about mentoring a young person and helping to put them on a path to success!

What projects might my youth do?


  • Help with a day care or summer camp
  • Filing or data entry
  • Help with social media or website
  • Urban gardening or grounds keeping
  • Market research, legal research, etc
  • Office "greening" or eco-friendly initiative
  • Help with business inventory, such as IT equipment
  • Be a "secret shopper" and check on the customer experience at your organization
  • Any other special project! Contact us to brainstorm additional ideas

What if I don't have time to manage youth?


  • Think about whether there is someone else in your organization who could supervise the youth. For example, it could be an office manager, administrative assistant, or HR manager.
  • Pair the youth with college interns to provide additional support and mentoring opportunities.
  • Have the youth rotate between departments so they can learn about the entire organization and work with different individuals.
  • Invite the youth to shadow you and others in the organization on some days so that they can learn more about what you do.

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