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Home Buy Now 

Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now is a city-funded, employer-assisted housing program. Employer-assisted housing programs (such as Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now) are designed to:

  • Enable employers to better recruit and retain employees by helping these employees become homeowners
  • Give employers another tool with which to improve thecommunities surrounding their facilities
  • Increase the demand for housing in the City of Philadelphia

Program Features

The program provides participating employers with a menu of housing-related benefits to offer to their employees. The key feature of Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now is the matching grant from the City of Philadelphia up to $4,000 in targeted areas and up to $2,000 outside of the targeted areas in the City of Philadelphia. This is an unrestricted, dollar-for-dollar match for grants or forgivable loans made by the employers to their employees for home purchases in Philadelphia. The program also offers onsite homebuyer workshops, discounted housing services and linkages to other housing programs.


After two years of service, George is now eligible for his employer's housing benefits program that provides a one-time $2,000 grant to purchase a home in Philadelphia. The City matches it dollar-for-dollar for an added $2,000. he uses his combined $4,000 for downpayment and closing costs on a new home. Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now is funded by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce and administered by the Community and Economic Development Department of the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC).

How to Become a Participating Employer

Our team of Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now experts will work with you to create a customized program for your employees. Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now can be tailored to help stabilize the workforce, encourage employees to live in specific neighborhoods or complement other benefits.

How Do I Apply?

Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now will match an employer’s assistance up to $4,000 for targeted areas and up to $2,000 for houses purchased outside of the targeted areas in the City of Philadelphia. Your employer may also offer additional housing-related benefits such as home-buying workshops, linkages to lenders, home inspection agencies and housing counseling agencies. To apply for a Philadelphia Home•Buy•Now grant contact your human resources department to see if you qualify for the program and to ask for an application.

If your company/organization does not have an employer-assisted housing program and would like to learn more, please contact Director Jojy Varghese at 215-851-1738 or