PHIL-Plus and Mini-PHIL FAQ

The Mini-PHIL & PHIL-Plus Home Improvement Loans are closed permanently as of August 2017.

Please view the requirements for the Basic Systems Repair Program if you are in need of home improvement. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Mini-PHIL-Plus Program?

Who could apply for the program?

eligibility requirements

What home repairs were eligible for this program?


How much could I borrow?

How much would I pay each month for the loan?

How soon must the loans be repaid?


Do I need to have an account with the bank in order to apply?


Why should I see a housing counselor?


Is there a minimum income eligibility to qualify?


If I am denied, can I apply again?


I inherited a property. Can I apply for this loan?


Where does funding for this program come from?


How can I apply?


Is there a minimum credit score for this program?


What if my credit doesn’t meet the minimum?


Can I hire anyone to work on my home as part of this program?


I just purchased a home in Philadelphia. Can I apply for this loan?


Why not use just a grant-only program?


If a homeowner has received a grant in the past, are they eligible for the loan program?


Is homeowners insurance required before applying or getting approved?


Who qualifies as the applicant and/or the co-applicant?


I still have questions, who can I contact?


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