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The Coalition provides Fiscal Sponsorship and Shared Services to a network of 75 partner organizations and programs that offer services throughout the region, reaching more than 150,000 children, youth, and adults. Through the Power of the Coalition, we address the issues most important to families and communities: building wealth in urban communities, improving life chances for youth and young adults, and strengthening the nonprofit sector. We work in the areas of positive youth development, adult education and job training, health-related services, economic education, housing support, advocacy, and economic inclusion. You may browse or search the complete list of program partners below to learn more.

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To build cultural connections one person and one community at a time. Our programs are designed to integrate travel with learning so that the exchange of knowledge is used to improve relationships among diverse cultures through personal communication, humanitarian projects and assistance, as well as through practical training and application of learned skills.
A queer Latin@ social justic organization, Galaei maintains a strong commitment to being a community based organization dedicated to serving Latinidad, providing social services around HIV/AIDS and sexual health, organizing, networking, and referrals.
To help support organizations and individuals to continue active citizenship throughout the year, including techincal training and assistance to organizations in hosting King Day of Service projects; the tracking of all King Day of Service projects and numbers of volunteers throughout the six county region;the matching of all interested groups and individuals with volunteer project opportunities.
To bring together a consortium of community-based and public agencies, family members, community and faith-based leaders to serve all who are caring for others' children, including relatives and family friends. To provide information and referrals, brief services, and advocacy. To act as a catalyst for systems change by identifying service gaps and creating model programs to fill unmet needs. To improve the lives of kinship caregivers and their children.
To help elevate Philadelphia’s Haitian community through education, professional development, and mentorship.
To help rebuild the communites in Haiti
To reduce drug use/abuse, teen pregnancy, chronic illness, the spread of HIV infection, and senseless violence in the community.  Programs and activities are designed to educate and equip people with the skills needed to make positive choices in life.
ODAAT is dedicated to serving low-income and homeless individuals in the Philadelphia area who are afflicted by addiction and HIV/AIDS. Our focus is on providing peer support and promoting healthy, positive lifestyles. ODAAT utilizes a community-based recovery model and support system, allowing people to recover in the same environment in which they became addicted.
A parent voice for Philadelphia public schools calling for academic achievement, accountability, and putting kids first in school budgets.
To assist in the social welfare of low-to-moderate income elderly, handicapped, hospitalized persons, young persons, and adults through activities such as the development of affordable housing, mortgage counseling, social services programs, and recreational programs. Parkside Association of Philadelphia aims to improve the quality of life and to offer assistance in gaining access to city services.