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The Coalition provides Fiscal Sponsorship and Shared Services to a network of 75 partner organizations and programs that offer services throughout the region, reaching more than 150,000 children, youth, and adults. Through the Power of the Coalition, we address the issues most important to families and communities: building wealth in urban communities, improving life chances for youth and young adults, and strengthening the nonprofit sector. We work in the areas of positive youth development, adult education and job training, health-related services, economic education, housing support, advocacy, and economic inclusion. You may browse or search the complete list of program partners below to learn more.

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To honor the service and sacrifice of The American First Responder by publishing stories of their heroism and exceptional service and by creating distinct awards to recognize their accomplishments, and to endow the Homeland Heroes Fund to provide for the immediate financial needs of the familes of our fallen heroes.
To provide public relations, and communications practitioners, throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, with a venue for professional support.  The organization accomplishes this by fostering region, with a venue for professioanl support.  THe organization accomplishes this by fostering a network between members and other professionals that enable growth and development.  
To be a productive, not-for-profit community development corporation (CDC), and to develop plans and implement projects that will result in high quality, long term affordable housing.
Center for H.O.P.E. provides support services, life skills training, and other transitional resources to single men aged 18 and older who are without homes and have referred through the city.
To prepare out-of-school youth and young adults with physical, sensory or learning disabilities, ages 17-30, for unemployment and life skills. Provides paid work experience leading to job placement, ongoing case management, and job coaching. Trains and educates youth providers in best practices to enable youth with disabilities to participate in mainstream programs. This program works with Bartram High School students.
to promote good health and wellness in the Philadelphia communities, by sustaining and expanding the Broad Street Run.
to promote good health and wellness in the Philadelphia communities, by sustaining and expanding the Broad Street Run.
Is a campaign to end Philadelphia's gun violence epidemic and create stronger, safer, communities, promoting a solution called Focused Deterrence.
To provide a one-stop center to assist parents in overcoming barriers toward family reunification.
To help facilitate the end of the AIDS crisis by advocating for HIV-cure research and supporting services for people with AIDS.