X-Offenders for Community Empowerment Pardon Me Clinics

June 8, 2016

UAC Program Partner X-Offenders for Community Empowerment now host monthly Pardon Me Clinics throughout Philadelphia. Co-founder and Executive Director Wayne Jacobs coordinates the clinics to assist formerly convicted persons through the expungement, pardon and clemency processes, ultimately leading to and assisting with second chances at employment opportunities. X-Offenders for Community Empowerment helps ex-offenders, not on probation or parole, find employment and reintegrate in to the community.

The Pardon Me Clinics are available on many dates, at many times, in four areas of Philadelphia.

View the following flyers for more information:

Pardon Me Clinic South Philly

Pardon Me Clinic North Philly

Pardon Me Clinic West Philly

Pardon Me Clinic Germantown