World Communication Education Fund

July 3, 2017


For a little over a year, the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) has been the home to the recently created World Communication Education Fund (“Fund’). This Fund was endowed through a generous $8.4 M gift from the World Communications Charter School (WCCS) to the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) in June 2016. The purpose of the Fund is to support educational and charitable activities in furtherance of protecting and promoting WCCS’s educational legacy.

The Fund is in the midst of a phased strategic planning process, establishing grant-making guidelines and governance. The process is being led by Fairmount Ventures, a respected consulting firm that has advised over 325 nonprofit, public, and philanthropic organizations. The plan will be released later this year.

We are excited to have WCEF as a part of the UAC Family and to further the legacy and intent of the World Communications Charter School.