WorkReady Job Placement Holds "Retention Ceremony"

March 16, 2011

On March 16th, the Coalition's WorkReady Job Placement Services (WJPS) Program held its first-ever "Retention Ceremony," to honor 45 youth and young adults ages 17-24 who have retained their employment for more than 91 days!  Participants enjoyed hearing from President and CEO, Sharmain Matlock-Turner, about her first break in the working world! WorkReady Job Placement Services has been in operation for close to two years with funding provided by the Philadelphia Youth Network, and under the direction and leadership of Ms. Malaika Davis, Ms. Robin Ingram, and Ms. Farrah Samuels. It is a Youth Division program.

To date,  more than 115 out-of-school youth have been placed in long-term employment since the program began. The goals of WJPS are to provide job-readiness training, career exposure, wardrobe outfitting services, job-coaching, and job placement services to the clients served by the City's network of out-of school youth providers. We salute these young men and women and the talented staff who work with them! Special thanks to the staff-Mr. Tremayne Melton, Antonio Williams, Johnny Young, Ajeenah Amir, and Adina Tayar for their hard work and tireless efforts in these challenging economic times!

Staff pictured with clients: Sharmain Matlock-Turner, Robin Ingram, Ajeenah Amir, Adina Tayar, and Farrah Samuels