The Vote Is In! Pennsylvania Elects Tom Wolf as New Governor

November 6, 2014

On November 4, 2014, Americans headed to the polls and voiced their opinions in the 2014 midterm elections. Nationally, Republicans established the largest majority one party has since World War II, taking control of the Senate and increasing their command of the House of Representatives. Republicans also fared well in Pennsylvania, where 13 out of the 18 seats in the Congressional House were won by Republican candidates. The majority of Democrats elected ran from districts within or surrounding Philadelphia where support for the party remained strong.

Democrat Tom Wolf defeated Governor Tom Corbett, who battled negative approval ratings during his term. With this loss, Corbett has become the first incumbent to lose since 1854. Governor-Elect Wolf affirmed his commitment to focus on education and promised swift action once in office in his late night victory speech. As he assumes power, he will need to reach across the aisle as both the State House and Senate remained solidly Republican.

In the city of Philadelphia, all three ballot questions were overwhelming approved by voters, creating the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, realigning prison operations and allowing the city to borrow $137.3 million dollars for various capital projects.

On Sunday, November 9 at 10am, UAC President & CEO Sharmain Matlock-Turner will lend her opinion on the outcome of the elections on 6ABC’s Inside Story. Sharmain Matlock-Tuner is a frequent commentator on the award-winning public affairs show.