Urban Affairs Coalition Hosts Creating Sustainable Fundraising Plan Workshop Series for Nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia Region

July 19, 2016


July 13, 2016



Urban Affairs Coalition Hosts Creating Sustainable Fundraising Plan Workshop Series for Nonprofits in Greater Philadelphia Region



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PHILADELPHIA, PA -- On Wednesday July 13, 2016 the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC), a nonprofit organization that shapes public policy and delivers programs that respond to urgent community needs, held its monthly nonprofit professional development program, Coalition U, on the topic Creating a Sustainable Fundraising Plan. The first part of this workshop series was co-sponsored by Wells Fargo and focused on The Key to Planning.

Coalition U is a professional development program created by UAC to help nonprofit organizations strengthen their infrastructure, build capacity, and maximize community impact.

Speakers at the workshop, all with extensive backgrounds executing fundraising plans for nonprofit organizations, included Nancy Moses, Principal of Nancy Moses Planning + Development; Peter A. Caputo, President of Caputo and Associates; and Arun S. Prabhakaran, UAC’s Vice President and Chief External Affairs Officer.

During Part I of the workshop series, The Key to Planning, attendees learned how to set attainable fundraising goals, message their mission in the digital era, branding strategies, and maintaining an annual plan.

The workshop was fueled with thought provoking questions by attendees, such as how can an organization’s branding efforts can help generate funds. “You need a specific message because you’re in a competitive market, there are over 100 nonprofit organizations just within the Philadelphia area,” said Caputo. Nancy Moses followed the statement by conveying how being crystal clear of the cause an organization supports will make donors more likely to invest in your organization.

All three panelists emphasized the importance of maintaining keen realistic goals when raising money. Additionally, Arun Prabhakaran emphasized to attendees how research confirms people who spend time cultivating relationships generally do better at fundraising.

Nancy Moses gave an exemplary tip towards maintaining a clear plan: “In philosophical thinking, think of your budget as a pie. Where all of your funding comes from different sources, and together they add up the pie.”

Coalition U offers a variety of capacity building seminars and workshops geared towards improving overall organizational health and program quality. Seminars and Workshops are held monthly. Coalition U is offered free to UAC partners and at a low cost to other organizations.

For more information about Coalition U, please email fharris@uac.org or call 215-851-1720.


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