UAC's Economic Development Projects Consults on the Delaware River Master Plan

June 20, 2011

With over 25 years experience as the premier organization monitoring inclusion, The Coalition's Economic Development Projects (EDP) unit has been an honest broker working closely with employers and communities to ensure the participation of minorities, women, local, and disabled businesses on construction projects and in related professional services and procurement opportunities in the Philadelphia region and in major cities in the U.S.


Recently, when the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) presented its master plan for the redevelopment of the waterfront, UAC was at the table. EDP is providing the DRWC with professional services that include developing recommendations for a strategy for inclusion and wealth building opportunities for businesses owned by minorities and women. The redevelopment of the central Delaware River waterfront presents a unique opportunity for advancing the efforts to increase participation and investment by groups that are traditionally not well represented in developments of this scale.