UAC's 44th Anniversary Breakfast

December 18, 2013


*This story is an excerpt from “A Thanksgiving Tripartite:

Urban Affairs Coalition’s 44th Anniversary Breakfast; Home Going Services For Robert (Bob) Smith; and ABO Haven @ Berean Institute’s Harvest Family Fest!” written by Tyrone Reed for the November 2013 publication of Scoop USA


On Friday, November 22, 2013 the Urban Affairs Coalition celebrated 44 years of driving change from the ground up and making a significant impact in the Greater Philadelphia region. UAC's 44th Anniversary Breakfast represented what is possible; business, government, and the community working together in order to create a better society. Mr. Charles Bowers, John Bowers, Ernest Jones and now Sharmain Matlock Turner had the winning formula to bring about communities, families as well as individuals the wherewithal to grow, prosper and pursuit life, liberty and happiness.


I became involved in 1976 with the Philadelphia Urban Coalition through Ms. Bertha Brown, Founder and Executive Director of Our Neighbors Civic Association, Inc. The things that we did, our accomplishments, our service delivery, our advocacy and community/political organizing, etc were the ingredients I felt to making this world what God intended it to be! What a wake-up call! Nonetheless the struggle continues!” said Tyrone Reed, Scoop USA.


The Anniversay Breakfast was a huge success with over 800 attendees! The Coalition remembered and paused for a moment of silence for the late Augusta Clark, E. Steven Collins, Dr. Walter P. Lomax, Jr. Edward A. Schwartz, and Rev. Henry T. Wells. Their legacies for serving and caring for people will continue to endure for all times. UAC's honorees included: Patricia A. Coulter recipient of the 2013 Community Leadership Award, the Honorable Nelson A. Diaz recipient of the 2013 Living Legacy Award, and Michael A. Rashid recipient of the 2013 “Doer” Award. Mr. Rashid stated that President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in 2010 so that 40 million uninsured citizens can have health insurance and access to healthcare. He expressed the need for all of us to get behind this Bill that was passed by the legislature and upheld by the Supreme Court. Each of this year's recipients bring “excellent service” in serving our communities.


Ms. Matlock-Turner thanks for keeping alive and well a great tool and much needed means for human/community achievement, enhancement and advancement,” Mr. Reed added. The Coalition will continue to ensure that there are opportunities for growth and development for all people for a better and more prosperous community.