UAC Program Partners Work Together To Ensure Better Quality Schools and Programs for Youth

June 19, 2013

UAC Program Partners gathered around to discuss ongoing issues affecting youth and education in Philadelphia. Presenters from the PA Budget & Policy Center, Mayor Nutter’s Fun Safe Philly Summer Campaign, and the Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) offered strategies for improving Philadelphia’s school system in addition to providing resources for youth and young adults. The Coalition continues to work with and support other grassroots organizations that create educational opportunities for Philadelphia youth.

Kate Atkins, Outreach Coordinator for Pennsylvania Budget & Policy Center urged Program Partners to take action and speak with senators regarding the state’s budget proposal. This proposal will result in severe cuts to education, higher education, and human service programs. Cuts to education disproportionately affect areas with high poverty. It is important to ensure that students in low-income neighborhoods continue to have access to resources for them to succeed.

A safe and positive learning environment is needed in all schools for a student to reach their full potential.  With support from administrators and teachers, the School District of Philadelphia can be tremendously improved. Donna Cooper, Executive Director at Public Citizens for Children and Youth (PCCY) provided an effective way to revamp the classroom and ensure good quality schools. By implementing standards and evaluations for teachers and principals, schools can accurately measure their success and areas that still need improvement. In addition to creating standards, using the site selection process for every teacher in all schools will place teachers in the school that best fits them and the students’ needs.

With summer vacation shortly arriving, it is necessary for students to have productive activities to keep them busy. Sincere Brooks, Program Coordinator and AMERICORP Vista for the Mayor’s Fun Safe Philly Summer Campaign, offered numerous summer programs for youth.  Fun Safe Philly Summer is a part of Mayor Nutter’s initiative to keep kids safe and active during the summer. This initiative provides tons of information for parents about summer programs throughout Philadelphia. With all of the summer programs the City of Philadelphia has to offer, young people are guaranteed to find a suitable activity to spend their time productively. The Fun Safe Philly Summer Campaign is asking for help from other organizations to serve as Summer Meal Service Sites. Fun Safe Philly Summer’s meal program ensures that kids are guaranteed a free meal all summer long.

Through the Power of the Coalition, UAC is able to unite organizations and institutions to come together to achieve a common goal. With partnerships with over 75 organizations, UAC can effectively drive change from the ground up and make a lasting impact in communities.  The Coalition understands the importance of working together and will continue to create innovative solutions in order to make Philadelphia a better place.