UAC Program Partner Philadelphia Ballhawks Raises Funds to Pay for Eighth Grade Team Uniforms

January 28, 2015

Philadelphia Ballhawks is a Program Partner of the Urban Affairs Coalition that provides a comprehensive athletic and educational experience to middle and high school aged young men. Recently, four players from the program have received athletic scholarships to attend Syracuse University. Some players have also received scholarships and are currently attending Buffalo University, University of Rhode Island, UMass and Penn State. Additionally, some Ballhawks players are now playing at a professional level for the NBA and leagues oversees. Players include Richard Kadeem “Rick” Jackson, Antonio Stephen “Scoop” Jardine, and Dion Waiters.

To continue structuring the lives of at-risk youth, Philadelphia Ballhawks is reaching out to individuals and businesses to help raise funds for their eighth grade team’s uniforms for the upcoming 2015 basketball season. The program’s founder, Author “Art” Bowser has created an Indiegogo campaign to generate funds for team. In support of the Philadelphia Ballhawks Indiegogo campaign, we invite you to visit their campaign site to make a generous contribution (tax-deductible) for uniform purchases. To thank you for your contributions, your name will be featured on the Ballhawks website, Facebook and Twitter pages.

Let’s help the Philadelphia Ballhawks reach their $700 fundraising goal!

Click here to learn more about Philadelphia Ballhawks founder, Author Bowser.


The Philadelphia Ballhawks mission is to provide a comprehensive experience to develop young men of strong moral character, empower them to develop to the fullest of their athletic abilities, and promote educational, social and cultural growth. Its services include: After-school activities, health, mentoring, neighborhood and community services, and violence prevention.