UAC Partnerships and Outreach Manager Tivoni Devor Reinvents the Model for Changing the World

March 11, 2015

On Wednesday, March 11, 2015, UAC Partnership and Outreach Manager Tivoni Devor wrote a riveting column for Generocity.og centered on the topic of franchising nonprofits. Tivoni suggests reinventing the franchising model for nonprofits in order to change the world. In his Generocity publication, Tivoni shares that there has been an overlap in how for-profits and nonprofits operate their businesses and that the best aspects of each model are cross-pollinating to create new forms and opportunities for business development.

Here are some of the article’s highlights:

Founding For-Profits

  • A for-profit business is founded on the principle that an investment of X will become X+1 by doing Y. That is the basic business plan, and that is what you take to the bank to get a small business loan: You show that by performing some type of service or selling some type of product you can borrow money and turn it into more money.

Founding Nonprofits

  • A nonprofit organization is founded on the principle that people are suffering in some way. You think you can help by doing X and you need someone who is willing to give the money to support that. Sometimes the funder benefits in a tangential, spiritual or indirect way, but a funder is not an investor.

With distinct similarities between for-profit and nonprofit business operations, what is the most efficient way to reinvent the nonprofit business model? Tivoni proposes reconstructing the current nonprofit ecosystem to show an outcome-driven franchise model. Click here to read the full article.