UAC Community Economic Development Director Angela Goode Discusses Her First Job Experience

May 7, 2015

Philadelphia’s 2015 Summer Youth Employment (SYE) Campaign is expected to increase the youth employment rate in the city, with expanding jobs, employers, partners and investors connected to the Philadelphia WorkReady Program.

In support of this service project, we asked UAC employees to share their first job experiences and offer advice to youth across the city. Here are some of the highlights from our interview with UAC Community Economic Development Director, Angela Goode.

“My first summer job was a Tour Guide and Gift Shop Clerk/Key Holder for Bartram Botanical Gardens. I worked full time for 5-5.5 days a week on a fixed schedule during my sophomore, junior, and senior years of college. Creating a balance between my two responsibilities wasn’t challenging. In fact, my mother taught me a simple but valuable lesson in time management.

Do what you have to do before you do what you want to do.

My advice to youth who are preparing for their first job is to try to understand how they contribute to the company they are working for. Acknowledge how you can be most helpful to the people you work with. Focus primarily on your career goals and structure your personal goals thereafter. Summer Youth Employment is your opportunity to try on the role of responsible adult and your best future self. Dress for the part (professionally), showcase your talents, and always give your best performance when you are on the stage that is the workplace.”

Join UAC as we fight for our youth! Advocate for summer youth employment in Philadelphia because #SummerJobsMatter. Click here to learn more about UAC’s WorkReady Program and to complete an application for summer youth employment.