Teenshop, Inc. Opens New Chapter in South Jersey

June 11, 2014


UAC Program Partner Teenshop, Inc. has expanded to South Jersey. Teenshop recently opened a new chapter at the Creative Arts Morgan Village Academy in Camden, New Jersey and has started enrollment for September. Teenshop empowers 'girls with goals' to become caring, courageous leaders and change agents in their communities and beyond. Teenshop promotes academic excellence and leadership through a series of workshops, field trips, college tours, and community service projects.  

 Elleanor Jean Hendley, Founder & CEO of Teenshop, Inc., was featured in the South Jersey Journal where she shared Teenshop's history and its new opening. Click here to read article. 

For more information about Teenshop, please visitwww.teenshop.org or call 215-851-1842.