Sharmain Matlock-Turner Listed in "Technology Leaders Who Should Run for Mayor"

July 3, 2013


In a recent article published in Technically Philly, UAC President & CEO Sharmain Matlock-Turner was listed as one of the “10 Philadelphia Technology Leaders Who Should Run for Mayor.”  With the upcoming election for mayor in November 2015, Technically Philly decided to highlight leaders who would improve the city’s technology and entrepreneurial communities.

Some of the leaders mentioned included David L. Cohen, Comcast Executive Vice President; Rob Wonderling, President of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce; and Brigitte Daniel, Executive Vice President of Wilco Electronic Systems.

The article discussed Sharmain and The Urban Affairs Coalition's efforts to bridge the digital divide and deliver computer services to all communities.  “She is a fixture of the political and foundation worlds in Philadelphia, the leader of a wide-ranging organization and a vocal advocate for closing the digital divide. She’s come to know a technology community while remaining well-established in traditional power blocks.

UAC aims to promote digital literacy throughout the Philadelphia community. As one of the leading organizations of the Freedom Rings Partnership, UAC has worked hard in collaboration with other organizations to ensure that computer services were offered in underserved communities. KEYSPOTS is a citywide initiative offering free computer training and internet access at a variety of locations scattered around the city.

UAC even partnered with the People’s Emergency Center to open a KEYSPOT in the Center City office located on the fourth floor. Employees are able to brush up on their skills and community members can be better connected and more informed. With 41% of Philadelphians without internet access, UAC and the Freedom Rings Partnership are driving change from the ground up to reduce this percentage and get more Philadelphians online.

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