The Road to Full Employment for Philly's Youth

August 30, 2016


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Full summer youth employment could transform Philadelphia, as we prepare a generation of youth to join the workforce and continue on a path of hope and opportunity. In previous years, 18,000 youth applied for the WorkReady program but in 2015 only 10,000 received jobs. Summer jobs help set youth on a path to success, improve our communities, and reduce poverty. With a poverty rate of 38% for youth between ages 16-24, we have to do more.

In 2015, UAC convened a citizen’s Summer Youth Employment Cabinet to advocate at all levels for full funding for summer youth employment and to illustrate the importance of summer youth employment to Philadelphia’s citizens and businesses.


The Cabinet will advocate for full summer employment for Philadelphia’s youth by:

  • Promoting the campaign for full summer employment
  • Meeting with key leaders and advocates
  • Providing input and thought leadership in the development of the summer jobs campaign