KEYSPOTS and Philadelphia Youth Network Getting Students Connected to Summer Jobs!

May 31, 2013


With 41% of Philadelphians without internet access, Philly KEYSPOTS teamed up with the Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN) to bridge the digital divide and help students complete the online application for summer employment.

 Philadelphia Youth Network (PYN), the citywide funder of Summer WorkReady, is offering paid summer internships to Philadelphia youth ages 14-21. This summer program allows students to gain valuable work experience and make connections with employers.   KEYSPOTS identified free computer labs around Philadelphia for students to visit within their neighborhoods and apply to this beneficial opportunity.

KEYSPOTS are publicly funded sites— powered by The Freedom Rings Partnership which is led by UAC, Drexel University, and the City of Philadelphia—offering free computer and internet access to underserved communities in the Philadelphia area.  With over 70 KEYSPOTS located throughout the city, community members have an opportunity to improve their computer literacy skills and stay connected in this digital world.

This collaborative effort between KEYSPOTS and PYN gives Philadelphia’s youth a chance to gain career exposure and the skills needed for the workforce while earning an income.