KEYSPOT Celebrates a Successful Year

July 9, 2013


KEYSPOT recently hosted the Freedom Rings Partnership End-of-the Year event to celebrate all the accomplishments and success of the Freedom Rings Partnership BTOP Grant. During the past year, this tremendous initiative launched over 70 KEYSPOTS, served more than 360,000 visitors, in addition to providing over 200,000 hours of training to more than 22,000 participants.  

KEYSPOT, powered by the Freedom Rings Partnership, led by UAC, the City of Philadelphia, and Drexel University, is helping bridge the digital divide by ensuring that all Philadelphians have access to a computer and the internet. With over 40% of Philadelphians lacking access to the internet, KEYSPOT provides a way for community members to get informed and get connected. KEYSPOT even offers low-cost internet to individuals so that they can have access in their home. By using a KEYSPOT, individuals can apply for employment, revise their resume, or simply learn how to use a computer. Through workshops and one-on-one training, Philadelphians can achieve their workforce, educational, or personal goals.

Thanks to the hard work of KEYSPOT’s volunteers and committed staff, more Philadelphians are connected and equipped with the necessary skills to survive in this digital age!