The Germantown Courier Highlights Philadelphia Home-Buy-Now Program

June 26, 2013


UAC’s Community Economic Development (CED) Department was recently featured in the Germantown Courier to highlight the Philadelphia Home-Buy-Now program. Chris Waters, Program Manager for UAC’s Philadelphia Home-Buy-Now discussed the logistics and UAC’s progress with this program. The Philadelphia Home-Buy-Now Program is a partnership between CED and the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce offering employees of participating employers an opportunity at homeownership.

CED has partnered with more than 23 employers for this beneficial service. Participating employers are able to offer their employees funds and have the amount matched by the City of Philadelphia. “People can live in any part of the city to take advantage of the program,” Waters stated.  CED provides up to $4,000 in matching grants as well as financial education and linkages to other services. With the help of Philadelphia Home-Buy-Now, employers are able to retain employees and revitalize communities while employees can reduce commuting costs and help strengthen Philadelphia neighborhoods.