Delaware River Waterfront Corporation Receives Second AIA Recognition

July 10, 2013


The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) was awarded the 2013 Award of Excellence for their Master of Plan for the Central Delaware Waterfront by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) New York State. DRWC’s Master Plan was awarded the Urban Design Honor Award last year by the AIA.

The Coalition’s Economic Development Projects (EDP) department was a co-consultant for this innovative plan to help reshape Philadelphia and transform the waterfront into a treasured amenity. EDP created a wealth building strategy to identify investment opportunities for economic development, community development, and use of open space.

Since implementation in 2012, DRWC has been working on making major improvements to the waterfront and including EDP’s suggestions. DWRC plans to have a park every half mile along the waterfront, create a permanent multi-use trail, and build connector streets for direct access to the river.

The Master Plan provides a framework for economic growth that will make a lasting impact on the City of Philadelphia. The Coalition is a strong advocate for smart and sustainable economic development. By working in partnerships with organizations and institutions, UAC creates opportunities for employment and community reinvestment. With participation from both public and private resources, the Delaware River Waterfront will grow in a sustainable and economically viable way.