CED Mini-PHIL Loan Recipient Repairs Germantown Home

January 14, 2015

Ms. Williams is a Mini-PHIL loan recipient.  As a senior citizen and block captain she has been invested in the neighborhood of Germantown for many years.  She purchased her home decades ago when the house was abandoned and boarded up.  Able to see the potential in the house, she decided to buy it for herself and her two children to live in and decided to gradually fix it up, an investment for her own family and the neighborhood the home was located in.  She succeeded in turning it into a beautiful home.  She has now seen both of her children grow up in this home and return to visit with their own children. 

Over the years, the house has needed updating and repairs.  Ms. Williams heard about the program and underwent counseling at Mt. Airy USA.  There she received valuable counseling regarding her borrowing ability and how the loan would fit into her budget.  She was able to apply to Citizens Bank and was lent just over $14,000 to make the necessary updates and repairs to her home.  She is anticipating having the roof, windows, and a few ceilings repaired after they suffered water damage a few years ago during a sink leak, some electrical problems for lighting fixtures, and replacing old carpets where they were exhibiting wear and rips.   She was also excited to be using some of the funds to pay off an older loan she had which was costing her more money a month due to a higher interest rate.


If you are looking for money to repair your home, the Urban Affairs Coalition (UAC) works with the City of Philadelphia and community lenders to offer flexible loans for eligible borrowers to improve their homes, make energy-related improvements and even consolidate some debt. Community and Economic Development is a priority of UAC. For more information about applying for a mini-PHIL loan, click here.