America Forward

July 18, 2016

The Next President Needs to Hear from Today’s Students

On the campaign trail, candidates across the political spectrum have made mention of the high cost of higher education, but we need to expand the dialogue. The next President needs to hear from today's college students about the barriers you're facing and the community-driven solutions that have helped you succeed. Join America Forward for a series of Town Halls for Today's Students in Columbus, Ohio and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to hear from today’s students and share your own story.

Today's Student Town Hall
Tuesday, July 19

The Philadelphia History Museum

15 South 7th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Refreshments provided

Our potential’s unlimited and the barriers we face are real. 

Let’s talk about our debt (71% of us have some). 
Let’s talk about what it means to be a parent and a student (26% of us are). 
Let’s talk about what it’s like to return to school, work full time and juggle commitments with classes.

Join a conversation with today’s students and community leaders. Representatives from the presidential campaigns, federal and local elected officials have been invited.

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