Advance Your Career with KEYSPOTS!

May 16, 2013

Looking for a way to advance your career? KEYSPOT is the answer.

With the Digital Divide expanding, Philly KEYSPOTS are here to help bridge the gap. Today, 80% of job applications are required to be filled out online which leaves out those who don’t have access to a computer to apply.

KEYSPOTS Powered by the Freedom Rings Partnership is a citywide initiative to bring internet access, training, and technology to all Philadelphia communities. With over 80 outlets throughout Philadelphia, KEYSPOTS provide an opportunity to advance your career to the next step. This initiative, led by UAC, the City of Philadelphia, Drexel University, offers free internet access and computer training.  Those looking for employment can visit their local KEYSPOT to apply to jobs or take advantage of the workshops they offer and acquire new skills. Regardless of your experience level, KEYSPOTS will give you the tools needed to survive in this digital age.  

Let KEYSPOTS give you the competitive edge you need in the workforce!

Watch the video here. To find a KEYSPOT near you please visit or call 311.