Utility Worker/Driver

Position Details
Reports To: 
Kitchen Supervisor/Director of Food Services
Key Duties & Responsibilities: 
JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: • Responsible for lifting and carrying heavy crates and other containers. • Responsible to keep storage areas clean and maintaining and documenting the inventory of food and food related items. • Responsible for the collection of trash removal from service area. • Responsible for cleaning kitchen and dining area floors including sweeping, mopping, polishing, etc and washing walls, appliances, and performing other cleaning tasks as directed, in accordance with federal, state and local codes and requirements. • May be required to pick up and deliver purchased and donated food and food- related supplies and to deliver prepared food to Self facilities, using agency vehicles. • Responsible for maintaining the food service van, including ensuring it is fueled. • Responsible for kitchen set up, including, but not limited to, ensuring that trash receptacles, paper supplies, food, utensils, appliances and other necessary items are retrieved from storage and placed appropriately for food preparation.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
QUALIFICATIONS: • High school diploma or equivalent with at least six (6) months of kitchen experience. • Some knowledge of public health safety and food preparation/handling. • Must have the ability to frequently stand, walk, climb, bend, lift (max 50lbs.), gross and fine manual dexterity. • Must be able to work around extremely hot surfaces (i.e. stoves, steam, steam tables, etc.) as well as cold areas (i.e. walk-in freezers or refrigerators). • Must be able to respond to emergencies at a moments notice and without hesitation as well as participate in other unanticipated situations and special events. • Required to learn the proper use of institutional cleaning and care of equipment. • Participation in general staff meetings, department meetings and training as directed. • Must be well organized, detail-oriented, tasks-driven and able to work independently and set daily priorities by maintaining a weekly as well as a monthly schedule. • Must possess strong verbal and written communication skills and willingness to assist whenever needed. • Must have valid driver’s licensing and clean motor vehicle record. • Must be able to operate a van in heavy traffic conditions and in varied weather conditions such as rain, sleet, snow and fog, if necessary and be familiar with the city. • Criminal, Child Abuse and FBI clearance will be required.
Contact Info
Contact Info: 
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