Social Services Director

Pennsylvania Prison Society
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Opening Date: 
Fri, 02/22/2019
Program Summary: 
THE CHALLENGE & OPPORTUNITY On any given day, 80,000 Pennsylvanians are incarcerated in state prisons and county jails. Most of them will return to their communities disconnected from friends and family, separated from whatever employment and housing they had prior to incarceration, and often traumatized from their experience. Providing needed social connections and supports to people living behind bars has been part of the Pennsylvania Prison Society’s mission since we were founded 231 years ago. As Benjamin Rush wrote in the Society’s 1787 Constitution, we are committed to “restoring [people in prison] to lives of virtue and happiness.” The Society’s unique statutory access to all incarcerated people across the Commonwealth, long history and relationships with state and county prisons, and our extensive network of hundreds of volunteers make the Society uniquely positioned to provide help to people while they are incarcerated and allow us to be a supportive bridge to them when it’s time to come home. Currently the Society operates two prison programs -- a mentoring program at state prisons, and a parenting class at the Philadelphia city prisons. These programs have been operating without dedicated clinical management. That’s where this position comes in. As our new Social Services Director you will have the opportunity to strengthen, expand, and innovate our unique in-prison programing by bringing evidence-based clinical practices and trauma-informed approaches to our work.
Key Duties & Responsibilities: 
YOUR CHARGE 1) Within 2 months, you will successfully assume the management of our two current prison programs.  These programs do not currently have someone overseeing them - staff and volunteers have been filling the void until now. Successful management includes:
  •  ●   Ensuring all sessions take place on time
  •  ●    Managing our one staff member Joe Robinson, Mentoring Associate, two consultants, and multiple volunteers who conduct our programs.  You may, from time to time, conduct some of the programing yourself.
  • ●     Communicating and collaborating with Broad Street Ministry and other partner organizations
  • ●    Coordinating with Jennifer Soizo, our Finance and Operations Manager, to ensure your programs are recuperating maximum      financial reimbursement.
 2) Within 8 months, you will develop a plan for enhancing all programs to present to your manager, the Executive Director and also to staff, consultants, partners, and volunteers.  This includes:
  •  ●        Identifying strengths and weaknesses of existing offerings
  • ●        Bringing our programs into alignment with evidence-based practices such as the 5 Key Model for Reentry
  • ●        Identifying how to measure the output of our programs so we can elevate their impact
  • ●        Developing training in clinical modalities for volunteers including enfusing our programs with a trauma-informed approach
  • ●        Securing partner organization commitments
  • ●        Assessing funding, staffing, and volunteer recruitment and Increasing participant and volunteer satisfaction
  • ●        Recruiting, screening, and training additional consultants and volunteers as needed
  • ●        Reviewing and revising program curriculum
 3) Within 18 months, you will assess if there are gaps in our current prison programming across the state that the Society is well positioned to fill (i.e. that match our organization’s knowledge base and volunteer capacity).  From there, you will identify what, if any, funding sources exist to enable us to fill these gaps.  If there are fundable opportunities, you will develop a plan for potential expansion of  the Society’s in-prison programs - whether geographic or in terms of the kinds of new programs you and your team believe need to be developed and executed.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
HOW YOU’LL GO ABOUT IT  (while not all of these are requirements, our strongest applicants will see themselves in more of these competencies than not): You have a Masters in Social Work or a related degree and have direct service experience with those in prison or returning from prison.  Your background in trauma-informed clinical approaches ensures you are trained/grounded in how to provide effective, therapeutic programming and are thoughtful in your approach about how to enable positive change in others’ lives.  Additionally:
  •  ●        You have successfully managed multiple people and processes. You have experience supporting other staff, consultants, and volunteers with their work. You have experience tracking others’ progress, assessing their skills and performance, and providing ongoing feedback.  You stay on top of all processes needed to manage your programs - your reporting and billing  are always in tip top shape.
  • ●        You are indomitable.  No degree of prison bureaucracy stops you.  You make sure whatever needs to happen happens, even if it requires significant follow-up, and having a plan B, C, and D.
  • ●      You are committed to using evidence-based practices to make informed decisions about clinical approaches.  Because you are committed to ongoing learning and development you have continually questioned your own assumptions about how programming should be enhanced.
  • ●      You are the consummate team player. You’re known for getting along with everyone in a small office regardless of their personality or stature and leverage their expertise to advance your work.
More Details: 
- Answers to Your Questions - We have answered many of your candidate questions in our Candidate Insider Playbook HERE. Please be sure to read this before you apply. - Start Date - April 2019 - Salary and Benefits - $65K. Medical and dental insurance coverage provided. Flexible time off. - Hours and Schedule - This is a full-time salaried position. Your schedule will depend on the programming you’re leading so every day might look a little different. - Manager - You will report to Claire Shubik-Richards, Executive Director of the Society.
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Contact Info: 
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Apply HERE by March 11th at 8am EST Answers to Your Questions - We have answered many of your candidate questions in our Candidate Insider Playbook HERE.   Please be sure to read this before you apply.