Reunification Support Specialist

DHS/Achieving Reunification Center
Position Details
Opening Date: 
Thu, 05/04/2017
Program Summary: 
The Department of Human Services (DHS) is the lead agency and administrator of the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC). First of its kind, ARC is a one-stop program to help parents expedite reunification and permanency with their children in out-of-home placement The program recognizes that many families in the child welfare system are also involved with other service systems with competing mandates and timelines. The competing mandates many times, make it difficult for parents/caregivers to achieve reunification within the required time periods under the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA). ARC was developed in collaboration with Philadelphia Workforce Development Corporation (PWDC) and the support of the Department of Public Welfare to bring systems together to help parents achieve positive outcomes. Through ARC, parents/caregivers are provided concrete individualized support including information and training on quality and safe housing, employment with benefits and wage growth opportunities, continued education, and a host of other practical daily living requirements.
Position Summary: 
The Reunification Support Specialist (RSS) of the Achieving Reunification Center is a skilled liaison level position; and very high-paced. The RSS role is to facilitate and manage information between DHS/Provider Agency social workers and onsite service providers.
Reports To: 
Parent Services Coordinator (PSC)
Key Duties & Responsibilities: 
DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: 1. Reporting Parent-Caregiver (P/C) Participation Status: Responsible for data entering and reporting P/C participation at ARC. This will include documenting and reporting P/C activity, scheduling, orientation/intake, enrollment, outreach and closed status. In addition, the RSS is responsible for preparing reports/updates for weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings (MDT). 2. ARC Administration and Operations: Responsible for reporting on P/C status to DHS staff and foster care social workers and onsite-staff using several tools that include P/C calendars, attendance and reporting at mutli-disciplinary team meeting forums (MDT), documentation of interactions, client surveys, and court status reports. 3. Parent Support Unit Administration: Responsible for participating in MDT and other management meetings to monitor service issues with lay and professional staff and to support ongoing organizational and program achievement. Lead preliminary assessment conducted during intake sessions. Facilitate creation of P/C plan, based on their family service plan (FSP). Refer P/C to needed services onsite and or in the community. Complete P/C case narratives at the conclusion of each P/C contact. 4. Perform all other duties as assigned.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
QUALIFICATIONS: • Bachelor Degree in related field required. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office software and Excel. • Ability to manage time and respond to deadlines • Ability to process client paperwork and to work with a variety of staff and service partners including data specialist, consultants, and housing, mental health, employment, housing and financial literacy education agencies. • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills including typing, writing and presentation. • Organizational skills with regard to meetings, events, schedules, preparing reports.
Contact Info
Contact Info: 
Forward cover letter and resume (mail or fax) to: Achieving Reunification Center 714 Market Street, Suite 500 Philadelphia, PA 19107 Email to OR FAX: (267) 514-3783
Additional Application Info: 
ARC is an Equal Opportunity Employer