Reunification Intake Specialist

Achieving Reunification Center (ARC)
Position Details
Opening Date: 
Mon, 10/01/2018
Program Summary: 
The Achieving Reunification Center (ARC), a non-profit entity, has served parent/caregivers with children placed in an out of home placement through Department of Human Services since 2005. The vision of the Achieving Reunification Center (ARC) is that all families with children in out-of-home placement have resources and referrals provided to them to achieve timely reunification.
Position Summary: 
The ARC Reunification Intake Specialist (RIS) is the equivalent of the Reunification Support Specialist (RSS) in the ARC Case Management Division. The Reunification Intake Specialist is the ARC staff who initiates the enrollment process for families with children in out-of-home placement whereby a referral is converted into an active case. In addition, the Reunification Intake Specialist will assist the efforts of the ARC Case Management Division to minimize barriers to effective interactions with the Community Umbrella Agency (CUA) as well as ensure that the families are linked to neighborhood based resources by serving as an Information Resource.
Key Duties & Responsibilities: 
• Responsible for obtaining the approved referral from the ARC/DHS Liaison and conducting telephone outreach to schedule the parent/caregiver to complete the orientation, intake, enrollment and calendar development process as the first step in addressing the goals in the CUA Case Plan or the DHS FSP; • Complete referral to Outreach Division in those instances where telephone contact is unsuccessful; • Monitor outreach results to either close case with did not report status or schedule intake appointment with parent/caregiver; • Review approved ARC referral and accompanying court documents; • Ensure all related intake and enrollment forms completed; • Facilitate P/C calendar development process; • Provide orientation of ARC services and tour of ARC facility; • Complete referrals to on-site ARC service providers; • Facilitate orientation, intake, enrollment and calendar development process for ARC self- referrals; • Open case narrative for parent/caregiver to document intake process; • Work with CUA case manager to obtain court DROs and CUA Single Case Plan in those instances when documents are unavailable; • Assign client cases to Reunification Support Specialist in conjunction with Reunification Support Coordinator via RSS intranet calendar; • Serve as an Information Resource for the CUA and other neighborhood based resources; and • Perform all other duties as assigned.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
• Bachelor Degree in related field required; • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite; • Highly organized with ability to effectively manage time and respond to deadlines; • Experience in motivational and trauma informed interviewing preferred; • Ability to create partnerships with neighborhood and community based resources to promote family stabilization; and • Demonstrated written and verbal communication skills including typing, writing and presentation.
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Contact Info: 
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