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Urban Affairs Coalition
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SELF, Inc. is a non-profit organization that has been providing services to people for over twenty (20) years. We offer a broad range of essential housing, social service, vocational and employment programs, all designed to help individuals achieve self-sufficient and productive lifestyles. We provide these services to more than 7,000 individuals within the Philadelphia area.

Key Duties & Responsibilities: 

• Responsible for providing day-to-day administration and service supervision of all program activities and staff assigned to program.
• Responsible for assuring compliance of program activities with funding regulations and clear and concise program objectives.
• Responsible for weekly, bi-weekly and/or monthly supervision of Program Coordinator.
• Responsible for developing and implementing program goals and objectives, via the Office of Supportive Housing Operating Guidelines and SELF, Inc Employee Handbook.
• Responsible for ensuring program goals and objectives are clearly understood and accomplished.
• Responsible for managing and participating in development of program budgets, oversees purchasing, expenditures and revenue of programs.
• Responsible for complying with and maintaining weekly and monthly reports regarding program activities, statistical and tracking data, and submitting them by specified deadlines.
• Responsible for conducting regular staff meetings, organizing and completing work schedules, and addressing scheduling needs as they may arise within the program, along with making unannounced and unscheduled facility visits to ensure operations are running in accordance with organization policies and procedures.
• Responsible for making recommendations and documenting required trainings of staff.
• Collaborates with Chief Program Officer and funding resources to establish and enforce policy and procedures for the program.
• Responsible for managing and coordinating scheduling of program activities and recordkeeping of compliance.
• Responsible for identifying referral sources for program and organizational as a whole.
• Conducts periodic “orientations” and presentations about organization programs at referring or potential agencies.
• Attends management and other meetings and training as appropriate to the needs of the agency.
• Responsible for developing and managing a database of information related to individuals in the program or who have been terminated, demographics, supportive services and other information.
• Assures program compliance with regulatory and quality insurance requirements.
• Responsible for all documentation in database as it relates to client’s Mental Health Treatment and Assessment Plans.
• Responsible for documenting incident reports in accordance to the Office of Supportive Housing Standards and other funding sources as it relates to residential Services and other Departments.
• Responsible for notifying your immediate Supervisor of Director as well as Administrative Office of any unusual incidents as it relates to emergencies such as death, fire drug usage, physical altercations, etc.
• Ensure timely and accurate submission of Performance Based Measurements and HAP reports as required.
• Provide weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly supervision to assist with the effectiveness of services provided to the consumers.
• Collaborates with Program Coordinator to manage the After Hours Intake operations.

Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 

• Master Degree from accredited university or college
• Minimum of five (5) years experience in administration with experience supervising/developing programs.
• Acceptable training and experience in homeless shelter, mental health and addictive diseases.
• Participation in general staff meetings, department meetings and trainings as directed.
• Must be well organized, detail-oriented, task-driven, and able to work independently and set daily priorities by maintaining a weekly as well as a monthly schedule.
• Must strong verbal and written communication skills and a willingness to assist wherever needed.
• Must be able to respond with flexibility in cooperation with emergency request, changes in work schedule or assignment.
• Must have a valid driver’s licensing and motor vehicle record.
• Criminal and Child Abuse clearance will be required.

Contact Info
Contact Info: 
Forward cover letter and resume to with "Program Manager" in the subject line.