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Thu, 03/30/2017
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Fri, 04/28/2017
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St. Joseph’s Preparatory is a Catholic, Jesuit, independent four-year college preparatory school located on the northern edge of center city Philadelphia. Founded in 1851, this highly selective, all male school serves nearly 1,000 young men “to become men for and with others.” Students come from diverse economic, geographic, racial and ethnic backgrounds from throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area. The Prep develops leaders of intellectual distinction, men of faith and integrity, men who are committed to social justice and community service, men open to growth, and men who are loving. At the Prep, classroom and chapel intersect with the religious formation of mind and heart.
Position Summary: 
The role of the Director of Diversity and Inclusion is to foster and support the Prep’s diversity and inclusion statement and to ensure that this commitment is understood and implemented across the Prep as it relates to: ● Promoting Academic Excellence ● Supporting Student Access and Educational Success ● Recruiting, Developing and Supporting Employees ● Recruiting Vendors ● Developing and Affirming a Prep Climate of Inclusion, Respect and Equity The Director coordinates efforts to foster and support diversity, equity and inclusion as core values throughout all aspects of the Prep community. The Director reports to the Director of Mission and Ministry, is a member of the President’s Leadership Team, serves as a member of the Program Audit Committee, and serves on the Prep Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The Director coordinates diversity-oriented programs and initiatives including the coordination of the implementation of the Prep Diversity Plan and its alignment with the Prep Strategic Plan and Middle States recommendations. As a Prep leader, the Director maintains strong collaborative working relationships with the individual members of the President’s leadership team, colleagues, students and external organizations and constituents who contribute to the diversity of the Prep as an organization.
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The Director of Diversity and Inclusion serves as the Prep’s liaison to constituents as it relates to affirming, fostering and supporting the Prep’s statement on diversity and inclusion and the Prep Diversity Plan, and its implementation across the Prep. ● Provides vision, leadership, and coordination for strategic planning for institutional platform to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion for all colleagues and students throughout the Prep. ● Advises the President and the President’s Leadership Team on issues relating to Prep diversity, equity and inclusion. Proactively develops and presents an array of innovative ideas and program concepts for consideration. ● Primarily responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Prep Diversity Plan in partnership with the President’s Leadership Team, the Diversity Council, and other administrative units to ensure all diversity initiatives are aligned with the overall Prep’s strategic plan. (Formulation and presentation for approval of an implementation plan that includes activities, education, communication, feedback and ongoing involvement). ● Develops strategies to monitor and evaluate institutional-wide progress for creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive work and learning environment that includes continuous monitoring of the Prep environment, regular assessment and evaluation of the school climate with appropriate Prep colleagues. ● Formulates a culture of inclusion and engagement policies and procedures, programs and initiatives. Define and communicate internal quality standards for inclusive cultural and engagement programs, and ensure that all aspects of the programs are executed against those standards. Works with appropriate colleagues and external experts to provide successful delivery of programs and services and monitors the effectiveness of inclusive culture, diversity and engagement programs. ● Works closely with the Facilities Director and the CFO to track the successful recruitment of minority and female owned business as vendors and suppliers at the Prep. ● Promotes an inclusive work environment by supporting student and employee-initiated initiatives, resource development, and provide advocacy for affinity groups which support initiatives promoting learning that is diverse and inclusive. ● Creates and implements communication strategies and content management for training, web resources (internal and external audiences), and print materials to support diversity, equity and inclusion at the Prep. ● Collaborates with Director of Human Resources, the CFO and the President to integrate diversity and equity practices into institutional employment and workplace practices including business practices and programming and in support of the Prep’s commitment to equal opportunity employment. ● Continues to research, identify and recommend to the Director of Mission and Ministry and the President’s Leadership Team for implementation best practices that enhance diversity, ensure equity and promote inclusion in secondary education. ● Staffs the Diversity and Inclusion Committee of the Board of Trustees, and participates activity in the Human Resources and Benefits Committee, and participates in other Committees as invited. ● In collaboration with the Principal, advocates for infusion of diversity, equity and inclusion concepts in the curriculum including multiple perspectives and engaged teaching strategies that prepares students for success in a diverse and global workplace. ● Submits an annual Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report to the Director of Mission and Ministry and the President (June 30) identifying the achievements and accomplishments of the previous year and work plan for the next academic year.  Performs additional duties as assigned by the Director of Mission and Ministry and the President.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
A Bachelor’s degree with at least five years of experience working with students, faculty and adults and two years of administrative experience. ● Strong commitment to the philosophy, mission and core values of Jesuit education. ● Has knowledge of the history, heritage, mission, vision, values and charism of the Jesuits. ● Has the ability to envision and conceptualize the diversity and inclusion mission of the Prep through a broad and inclusive definition of diversity. Understands, and is able to articulate in verbal and written form, the importance of equity, inclusion, and diversity to the broader educational mission of the Prep. ● Understands the contexts, cultures, and politics within St. Joseph’s Prep that impact the implementation and management of effective diversity change efforts. ● Has knowledge and understanding of, and is able to articulate in verbal and written form, the range of evidence for the educational benefits that accrue to students through diversity, inclusion, and equity in high school. ● Has an understanding of how curriculum development efforts may be used to advance the diversity mission of St. Joseph’s Prep. ● Has an understanding of how institutional programming can be used to enhance the diversity mission of St. Joseph’s Prep students and colleagues. ● Partners with the Director of Human Resources for responding to bias incidents when they occur at the Prep. ● Has basic knowledge of how various forms of institutional data can be used to benchmark and promote accountability for the diversity mission of St. Joseph’s Prep. ● Has an understanding of the application of school climate research in the development and advancement of a positive and inclusive school climate for diversity. ● Has current and historical knowledge related to issues of nondiscrimination, access, and equity in schools.
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DESIRED COMPETENCIES: Cultural Competency training or experience Coalition Building Program Development Outreach and Networking skills Business acumen Decision-making ability Ability to Delegate Financial accountability Managing vision and purpose Planning, managing and measuring Relationship building
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Contact Info: 
In order to be considered for an interview, please submit the following information to the Office of Human Resources at or mail to: Cover letter  Resume  List of three references (contact info only)
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Joseph Dougherty, Director, Human Resources
St. Joseph’s Preparatory School
1733 West Girard Avenue
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For information on our mission and characteristics of the school, please visit our website at EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER