Director of Case Management and Social Services

Center For Hope
The Director of Case Management and Social Services (DCMSS) will work under the Executive Director (ED) and the administrative leadership team in supporting and assisting in all areas relevant to program development, service delivery expansion, and client assessment; as well as all case management related functions and objectives with regard to community members. The DCMSS will create, develop and implement programming such as housing, life skills, financial literary, job search, etc. The DCMSS will ensure compliance in the provision of case management services and program delivery aligned with all Federal, State, and City funders’ policies and regulations. The DCMSS will also ensure training and supervision for all community members and staff under UAC/ Center for H.O.P.E. in addition to statistical data collections for census and multiple levels of reporting and auditing. The DCMSS will ensure communication, follow up and feedback regarding incident reporting to all required parties. The DCMSS will also work with the administrative leadership team to assist in the development and acquisition of additional funding opportunities for the UAC/Center for H.O.P.E.
Position Details
Opening Date: 
Wed, 05/16/2018
Program Summary: 
  • Develop and streamline case management staff policies and procedures manuals and expectations with respect to intake and discharge, assessment tools, measures, and outcomes;
  • Hire and train staff including program managers, medical lead, case management, community managers, intake support, and wellness team administrative personnel; as well as develop specialized positions relevant to emerging needs;
  • Develop client specific programming, workshops and train case management and other staff on implementation with community members;
  • Provide administrative support, assessment, supervision and feedback of case management team’s daily clientele related activities, objectives, and service provision;
  • Oversee program managers, medical lead, intake support, case management, safety liaisons, and wellness teams client engagements; and monitor provision of services as required by the funder and under the guiding principles of a client centered, strengths based model, utilizing Sanctuary techniques and human service best practices;
  • Lead and develop service delivery models for special projects at both CFH facilities;
  • Develop consistent documentation that can track, monitor and update client and programmatic needs, census, psychosocial modifications, and areas of success or improvement that can shape overall facilitation of service delivery;   
  • Develop conflict resolution, intervention and mediation strategies for clients and staff;
  • Conduct system wide audits on all chart, file and hardcopy documentation and required databases prescribed by the funder on a consistent basis for all clientele;
  • Establish and maintain relationships with outside provider agencies and human services programs that can benefit CFH;
  • Attend all funding agency trainings as mandated by compliance requirements and all internally facilitated trainings;
  • Generate and communicate programmatic reports of strengths, weaknesses, and areas of improvement with relation to CFH’s interactions with the community, outside provider agencies, funders, and clientele;
  • Other duties as assigned.   
Position Summary: 
  • Ability to communicate effectively, verbally and written;
  • Effective supervisory techniques and methods;
  • Understanding of social work principles and ethics;
  • Knowledge of shelter policy, procedure, and regulations;
  • Ability to deescalate volatile situations as caused by clientele dealing with a mental health diagnosis, medical issues, drug and alcohol induced states, or a traumatic event;
  • Knowledge on mental health interventions, voluntary and involuntary inpatient procedures, and appropriate documentation of said event thereafter;
  • Ability to develop, update, modify and edit staff training modules, handbooks, and policy;
  • Ability to develop, update, modify and edit clientele handbooks, orientations, and policy;
  • Knowledge of group dynamics and trauma informed service delivery when working in an emergency setting/ situation;
  • Ability to work effectively with people and aid them in obtaining resources;
  • Ability to work independently and maintain self-sufficiency when developing new programs with specific needs and agendas;  
  • Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with clientele, staff and outside provider agencies working with the shelter system;
  • Ability to navigate and train others on using homelessness information systems by way of the funder;
  • Ability to create, edit, and update policies and procedures governing confidentiality, information gathering, staff protocol, and emergency situations;
  • Knowledge in leading a group of professionals to develop, sustain and renew special, short term, and long term projects that provide services to specific subsets of challenged or needy populations;
  • Ability to be on call year round and provide leadership and instruction 24 hours a day to any personnel working with UAC/ Center for H.O.P.E.;
  • Knowledge in client centered, strengths based case management techniques, follow up, and HIPPA standards for maintaining clientele rapport, and managing funder’s guidelines for service provision;
  • Ability to navigate multiple databases, computer systems and applications, and spreadsheets for program development, upkeep, and statistical reporting;
  • Possess presentation and workshop development skills.
Education, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 
EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATIONS: A Masters in Social Work degree from a Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) accredited institution or a Master’s Degree in a related field of Social Work, with extensive experience working with at risk populations including the chronically homeless, those suffering from drug and alcohol related addictions, have been diagnosed with a mental health diagnosis, intellectual disability, and individuals with extreme bio psychosocial impediments. Additionally, candidate must be highly flexible, have 3-5 years of strong supervision and management experience, have a strong capacity for working with senior leadership as well as staff, be computer literate and be familiar with various client tracking systems such as Client Track, HMIS, Care Ware, ETO, CAPS, and Simple HMIS. Lastly, a valid driver’s license is required for this position..
Contact Info
Contact Info: 
Salary commensurate with experience, plus benefits package. Send cover letter and resume along with salary requirements to: Robin Ingram, Executive Director Center for H.O.P.E. (CFH) UAC/CFH is an Equal Opportunity Employer