Corridor Cleaners

Frankford CDC
The Frankford CDC’s Corridor Cleaning Assistance program assists in the cleaning of sidewalks on the Frankford Avenue commercial corridor.  Under this program, FCDC also undertakes public space maintenance activities, litter reduction campaigns and community engagement.
Position Details
Key Duties & Responsibilities: 
  • Clean the sidewalks and out to eighteen (18) inches in the streets; this area shall cover the curb and storm inlets.  
  • Clean all four (4) corners of any intersection found at the end of cleaning routes;  
  • Clean a minimum of twenty (20) feet along any secondary side streets that intersect with the primary commercial streets to be cleaned;
  • Ensure that weeds or grass are no higher than eight (8) inches on all sidewalks along each route; 
  • Remove posters, stickers and other debris off street furniture including parking, telephone poles and traffic signs; and 
  • Assist with cleaning and maintenance of other public spaces and vacant lots on Frankford Avenue
  • Assist with promotion of litter reduction campaigns and community engagement
  • Track number of blocks cleaned and number of bags used during cleaning.
  • Make 311 reports for all city related issues (i.e. graffiti, potholes, illegal dumping, etc.) 
More Details: 
The above activities shall be performed in the commercial area from the 4200 block to the 5200 block of Frankford Avenue. 
Contact Info
Contact Info: 
To apply contact Kimberly Washington at (215) 743 – 6580 or by email at