About Us

Our Mission

The Urban Affairs Coalition unites government, business, neighborhoods, and individual initiative to improve the quality of life in the region, build wealth in urban communities, and solve emerging issues.

Who We Are

We are a Home for Nonprofits - a Coalition of 80+ partner organizations, large and small, working on diverse issues that immediately affect communities. We deliver infrastructure for community empowerment that strengthens nonprofit organizations through fiscal sponsorship, shared services, program development, and capacity building; improving life chances for youth and young adults; and providing economic opportunity to low-income households, working families, and disadvantaged businesses.

What We Do

The problems we face are far too complex for one entity to solve on its own. UAC’s model provides stability and continuity to our Partners and their employees by leveraging the Coalition's fiduciary, human resource, and legal stewardship to ensure our partners’ financial - and human - health and well-being. Our deep community roots and strong linkages to public and private groups allow us to bring together a diverse set of resources around specific issues to drive change from the ground up. The Power of Coalition means that, together, we can accomplish what no one organization can do alone.

Our Priorities

  • Strengthening nonprofits
  • Building wealth in urban communities
  • Developing youth and young adults
  • Creating strategic partnerships

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